The Kihbernetics Institute is an organization established with the purpose to provide consulting, training, and organizational improvement services to private and public social enterprises.

The Institute aspires to become a hub for the investigation of different models and exchange of experience about the regulation, control, and guidance (governance) functions in complex dynamical systems with memory regardless of their domain.

Kihbernetics is a new, more “organic” way of Cybernetic thinking that is not mechanistic in nature, has an emergent tiered view of the world without the traditional cybernetics understanding of control, and does not make a distinction between 1st, 2nd, and other “orders”.

In Kihbenetics, we turn the familiar command & control pyramid inside out. In Kihbernetics, we are of the opinion that higher (emerging) levels of control are established to serve (support) “lower” control tiers and the elements of the system that are actually doing the work.

The difference between Cybernetics and Kihbernetics is probably best shown on the picture below:

On the left is the model of a Cybernetic “ultrastable” system as depicted by WR Ashby in his book “Design for a Brain”, while on the left we modified the second feedback loop to match our (Kihbernetic) approach to process improvement and consultancy in general.

In a nutshell, we are not interested in imposing on clients “our” view of the world. We are interested in hearing our clients’ stories about how they see and cope with the world. If there are any problems in keeping their “essential variables” within desired limits or if they want to change those limits we will do our best to help them achieve their goals.

If you want to know more about our capabilities, methods and all the ways in which we can help please feel free to

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