The Kihbernetics Institute is a not for profit organization with the ability to provide consulting, training and organizational improvement services to private and public social enterprises.

The Institute also aspires to become a hub for the investigation, discussions and exchange of experiences with the regulation, control and guidance (governance) functions in complex dynamical systems regardless of their domain of competence.

Kihbernetics is a new way of Cybernetic thinking that parted way with the mechanistic and tiered view of the world and has no use for the traditional cybernetics understanding of control and 1st and 2nd “orders”.

In Kihbenetics, we turned the usual command & control pyramid inside out. In Kihbernetics, we are of the opinion that higher (emerging) levels of control are established to service (support) any lower control tiers and the elements of the system that are actually doing the work.

If you want to know more about our method and the ways in which we can help please feel free to

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